Betta Dental Supplies began trading on 2 January 1998 after acquiring the sole distribution rights for the Degussa AG range of dental products for Southern Africa. Since then, we have been building on our reputation for excellent service, superior quality products and outstanding value.


Betta Dental Supplies is a family run business and is currently one of South Africa's leading suppliers of premium dental consumables to nearly 400 dental laboratories within Southern Africa and Australia.


Over our 17 year history, Betta Dental Suppliers has grown, evolved, and adapted to the fast paced and ever changing dental technology sphere, all while our brand has remained true to its core values of integrity, outstanding value to our customers and leading through innovation.

Des McLeod


Des McLeod is the founder of Betta Dental Supplies and has held the position of Managing Director since trading began in January 1998.


Des previously served as the General Manager of the Metals Division of Degussa South Africa from 1984 to 1997, prior to the firm closing dental operations in South Africa in 1997. Subsequent to this, Des acquired the agency and sole distribution rights for the Degussa AG and Ducera Dental GmbH ranges of dental products.



Megan Aucamp


Megan Aucamp has been appointed as the General Manager of Operations from November 2012.


Megan began her career as a Risk Analyst within the Standard Bank Group in January 2006.


Prior to joining Betta Dental Supplies, Megan held the position of Manager Capital Markets, a division of Deloitte South Africa, specialising in Operational Risk Management within both the banking and insurance sectors.


Megan holds a BCom in Entrepreneurial Management and a BCom Honours in International Business and Strategic Management.

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