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CAD / CAM dentistry has revolutionised the dental industry by dramatically improving the design and manufacture of dental restorations. The scope of CAD / CAM capabilities is enormous ranging from dental prothesteses to orthodontic appliances.


While our focus is on crown and bridge, we pride ourselves in supplying high quality zirconia discs and blocks, from leading brands within the industry, accompanied by all medical certification requirements.


Our CAD / CAM product range is continually subjected to rigorous laboratory and market testing in order to guarantee performance, durability and reliability.


The growth experienced within the field of dental implantology over the last decade has been phenomenal. Technological advancements, including CAD / CAM implant capabilities, have increased the number of implant placements among patients worldwide.


Nature, genetics and patient lifestyle often create very difficult problems for the clinical and technical professionals to deal with when trying to achieve aesthetics in line with patient expectations.

The most common obstacle to overcome is incorrect angulation of the implant caused by uncompromising bone conditions.


Our range of innovative dental implant and scanable abutments from Dynamic Abutment® Solutions takes the confusion and complexity out of the production of dental implant prostheses by a simple adjustment of the screw-hole angle. Corrections up to 28°from centre are possible with the system.


We carry a wide range of abutments and corresponding screws compatible with most of the popular implant systems.

We are able to cater for all you day-to-day crown and bridge laboratory consumable requirements. Our wide range of dental consumable products include:

 - Waxes

 - Crucibles

 - Investment material

 - Debubblizer and isolating agents

 - Casting rings and ring liners

 - Sprue bases

 - Soldering material

 - Multivac mixing bowls and accessories


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